My hope for my work is to insight a conversation with the unspoken. The unspoken being, the emotions humanity has become disconnected from (which is a lot of them). The most important emotions of course, are our own. I truly believe learning to be better in touch with what we are feeling and why, would alleviate so much of the hurt and suffering existent in humanity.

With all the work presented in the online world, I think the organic quality of an image has as much to do with the photo that is captured, as the one who captured it. You can take two exact photos that might relay “emotion” or "rawness" and unless the creator can be honest with their personal emotions and connection to the photo itself, the feeling behind the photograph changes completely. I want to know about the feelings and story from the creators perspective, and so this is the work I share. To me, this approach allows me to connect better with the subject and takes a photo from being another unconscious post in the online world, to an energetic and alive movement toward awakening. If you follow my Instagram you'll see that I talk a lot about awakening, because I believe when we get down to the heart of it, figuring out how to be fully awake is why we do anything we do. 

If you agree with any part of this, we will create something lasting and transformative. The kind of work the world is in need of currently. On the topic of awakening, my favorite thing to capture is the birthing process. New life (newborns and new moms) have a way of bringing us home to ourselves. The way we come into the world and our early years interacting with it, determines our relationship (or lack of) with the unspoken. With the feelings that are beneath all our work and ways of being in the world. Along with that, I have a passion for editorial work and creative collaborations with people whose vision aligns with mine. 

And that brings me to the reason I do what I do: that the work we create together will transform both of us, if only a little, toward awakening and toward feeling a little closer to home. I don’t know if this About page is what you were expecting to find, because I don't know you or if I do, maybe there's more I could know. If you want to connect or send an inquire, you can reach me here. Or send me a text at 801-722-8173.

I'm excited to chat.